Crypto Treasures

The Tokenized Adventure

Join the interactive comic-based show, get exclusive collectibles and win prizes from Mann O’Taur’s treasury.

Get mystic artefacts

Get mystic artefacts

Buy artefacts (ERC-721) and trade them on the marketplace

Read comic strips

Read comic strips

Read every comic episode and get rewarded for your loyalty

Hit the jackpot

Hit the jackpot

Collect special artefacts and be the one to hit the jackpot


Jackpot Distribution

The jackpot is created at the 10% expense of funds raised on ITO (Initial Treasure Offering) plus 15% from all transactions on the market.

162.67 ETH8

First three winners who claim the prize in the Episode 5 split 75% of the jackpot. For every artefact combination you complete in the Episode 1-4, you get a coupon, which is a share of the 25% pool of the Jackpot.

Get Started

Step 1

Get a wallet




Step 2

Send ETH or TVs to your wallet

The Treasures of Mann O'Taur runs on the ETH network, therefore you need to have some ETH or TVs (ERC20) to join the show. You can buy TVs here.


Step 3

Grab Some Artefacts

You can buy artefacts in Packs (which are drawn randomly) or on the Marketplace from other users. Artefacts and TVs also serve as tickets to the Treasures show and are required to watch all 5 episodes. You can learn more about the show’s mechanics in the How It Works section and from our FAQ.

Vitaly Terletsky

About the author

Vitaly Terletsky is a talented and well-acclaimed Russian comic book author. Vitaly created a number of popular Russian comic books. Moreover, being a chief editor of a publishing house, Vitaly contributed a lot to the development of comic culture in Russia. Vitaly has a great sense of humour (and he’s not fat at all).

Get Treasures

All artefacts are ERC-721 which can be purchased either from other users on the Marketplace. You will need to collect right combinations of these artefacts to win the jackpot.